What is going on with your official servers

I cant comment on private servers as I havent played them, but official pvp servers are unplayable due to crashes and lag. I dont know if its the servers, players cheating, ddos etc but its actually terrible. I started this game a couple of weeks ago, and I managed to get a bunch of friends into it but the servers are causing them to quit already, which is sad because I think you have a great game at its core.

Solving these issues should come as a priority over anything else imo, as its causing people to have a terrible experience and when those people are new players it tarnishes the games reputation massively. We even bought siptah as people have said the lag isnt as bad, and tbh the servers did feel smooth but the server has now crashed 5 times one after the other, really irritating to say the least. I understand siptah is early access but exiled lands is not and both are absolutely shocking.

Are private servers any better??? It just seems all of them have stupid gather rates etc and thats not the way I want to experience the game.


We’re in the same boat. Just ■■■■■■ private servers around my area. They say private is the way to go.

100x better.

A private server at full capacity 70/70 will run far better than an official at half 20/40 capacity. Your mileage will vary though depending on if the private is running on VM or Dedicated. But even the VMs will have better performance usually.

Not sure if any PVP servers are running official-like rules and settings. So you might be stuck with 2x gather at the lowest and offline raiding not being permitted. If that’s a problem.

I never have any of these problems on official conflict servers but then again i never see more then 10 online at once.

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Welcome to the game and the forum. It’s funny that when i joined this forum 1 year ago my complain was almost the same, if i remember well my post title was ’ chaos in the official servers’. Because this game however is so beautiful, i stayed. I remember in this year, once after a dlc update, the game was crushing all the time, it was horor. The hotfix took about 10 days. Still, after this experience, no matter how many bugs, the game seems normal to me :joy::joy::joy:. Anyway, allow me to give you some hints.
If you want to really experience this game correctly and having real fun choose different. Play with your friends pve or pve c, on official servers and pvp on private. Pve on official servers is a very well balanced experience, each one of your friends will build in different areas so you can share farming intel that later on on pvp it will be crucial. Stay at least 2 months on pve or pve c before you go pvp. Every area is keeping so many secrets that you will find it unbelievable, how this small map is so big after all.
Go pvp on private servers for several reasons.
1st, the Alfa clans on pvp servers are invincible. They can only loose by very experienced players that happen to be Alfa in another server and came to this server to dominate another server.
2nd, obelisck and dungeon campers, spawn kill is a nusty habit on official servers that will probably brake your moral. In most of the private servers this is not allowed. Admin is punishing the one that makes the spawn kill and gives back the items to the victim.
3rd, hacks and undermash builds.
4rth, events. Pvp admins have beautiful events that will give you a beautiful gaming experience. For theese events, theese persons have spend 100 of hours so you can have fun for some minutes, they deserve a thank you here :wink:.
5th, farm multiply, you really need this on pvp because someone will break you, so you need to rize up fast and revenge.
I can give you more reasons, like raid of etc… But it’s up tp you to find out why pvp must be on private GOOD servers. I guarantee you that you will have to make a long journey until you found the perfect server, still i wish to you just one thing , always be with your buddies no matter what, because the real fun in every game is to play with them, your clan, your team, your friends.
Welcome again my friend, i wish for you the best :+1:.


I agree with @stelagel. He has quite a few miles into this game. After you find the playstyle you like since you and your friends are on PC set up your own server. It can be locked or open to everyone. Good Luck.

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I’ve played this game on Officials since EA1 January of 2017 and the servers have always been a little “special.”
Most of them after release werent too bad, but after Siptah, all of them have been very laggy and hitting the ping roof.
Not sure why anyone would single out CE servers for DDOS attacks, but it seems like it sometimes.
Some things I have noticed since Siptah, old graphics lag bugs that were gone are back. An example is logging in and seeing trees in your base, then they go away, the running in space graphics lag, etc.
I havent seen these graphics lag issues for a long time, but now they are back. This makes me think of coding issues verses DDOS attacks.
I have a Radeon RX 5700 XT so I know its not my system.

Well, i don’t want to say EVERY attack is player generated, but, here’s my take from my experience. PVP servers are the culprit in a nutshell. I’ve witness clans get attacked so they response to mitigate the attack is to nuke the servers with DDoS, we’ve been having this DDoS waves because PVP got a lot more intensive and since i assume most of each regional server share network and MOST likely hardware so, when one clan get attacked we all have to suffer the consequences. PVP, PVE-C, PVE it doesnt mattter. Also i’m beggining to think G-portal is not a good hosting company.

They’re fine as long as you don’t use mods, and if the player count is below 20.


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