Official Servers are a joke

How this section is not full of posts like mine is beyond me.

The servers are a complete joke and completely unplayable. The lag is so extreme it makes doing anything so hard. Its day two now I logged on to see if it would be better today but it’s the exact same it’s such a laggy mess. How people even play the game like this is beyond me. I built a house yesterday and now today when I try to expand on it certain roofs and walls I try to deconstruct will not deconstruct I just bounce off them.

If those servers continue to behave like this I’ll be returning my game as a faulty product, it’s a joke how a 40 player server behaves like that. I have a fiber optic wired connection so it’s not my internet. My 4 other friends are having the exact same experience. People are saying play on private servers, but who wants to play on private servers just to get banned by the admin for doing something naughty.

Sorry for the rant just find this whole thing frustrating. I just want to play with my friends but the lag on the official EU servers is rendering the game completely unplayable.

I’m sorry you’re having trouble. I played for 17.25 hours straight on launch without so much as a hiccup. So did three others on the server, and most others had respectable times of 10-12 hours average. Full 41/40 slots.

There may be other reasons for this behavior at your end, and it could be the server. Your collecting and reporting this may help.

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Weird I’m subscribed to you on YouTube.
Have you any idea what I can do?

I have looked around YouTube and noticed a lot of streamers aren’t actually suffering with the extreme lag issues I’m suffering with, but a good few are.

Perhaps I could maybe switch from wired connection over to 5ghz wireless. In desperate to try any sort of fix. If anyone has any other ideas to alleviate the lag please throw them my way.

Also if it helps I live in Ireland, not sure where the servers are located. I presume Germany.

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I was having this issue today, I have 350meg Virgin straight into my PC, and was lagging like mad. It just seemed to stop on it’s own.

Thank you for the follow up! Part of what I’ve tried to achieve is gaming in difficult environments. My home here in Colorado is limited by a fixed DSL, with under-1MB upload speeds. During Early Access I tried many different scenarios, and the single greatest asset was the debughud. If you type ToggleDebugHUD into the console you can see by the instant where your performance issue may be arising.

From a technical standpoint, I suggest leaving the network alone until you know for sure everything is okay. You’d be amazed how often changes you’ve made can overmask something obvious, so for now, please stay away from the crowded 5ghz spectrum if possible. (The single greatest gamekiller for the Euro market is the saturation of the wireless highways, likely responsible for more disconnects that any other reason.*)

As a video guy I don’t like imposing, but do you have any gameplay to show so that I can see the type of lag involved? There are a few I know instantly by sight! Glad to meet you, hope you stay.

* Forbes, EU Spectrum Edition, 2016


I have two videos recorded of it. But I’m not sure how to send them to you it won’t allow me to post links on this forum. I can’t see an option to private message you either.

I’m also playing on PS4, though I do have the game on PC also but all my friends are on console.

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I’m a PS4 gamer too, so I’ll be covering a lot of its intricacies in the near future. My personal issue is that our local GameStop was unable to fulfill my street date guarantee yesterday, so I am still without my PS4 copies. It’s just how it is, and part of the realities of gaming these days. Coconut radio, slow supply chains, welcome to 2018!

If they’re from PC recordings, I’m not certain the best way for you to get them to me.

If they’re on the console you can share via your Sony account. If you don’t want to share your PSN here, we can do it privately and you can hook me up with vids if you like. I try to refrain from posting PSNs openly, except for in introduction threads (I’m looking the thread up right now), and I’m sure you understand why. :smiley:

I actually recorded the gameplay through my phone and uploaded it to my YouTube channel I never even thought of using the share button on my ps4. It was basically a rush job just to capture the footage of the lag and upload it quick.

I posted the link on your most recent video. Can take it down if you want once you’ve seen it.

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You ended up in the “for moderation” bin, so it was easy to find you, and thanks for the heads-up.

As a gamer who is physically sensitive to strobing, I am looking at this and wondering if you’ve obtained any framerate information. If it’s onscreen I can’t see it.

Yesterday I was getting insanely-high framerates on the PC. I’m not certain why, but one of my displays hooked to a testing account kept stuttering. It was an older LG, and it was running FPS uncapped. Once I switched it to max 60hz, the single player game ran fine. This morning, my PS4 game does the same thing on the LG TV when set to its defaults, again using HDMI. My thought process is that you could be overdriving your PS4 because of its TV “driver” data reported by hdmi or other source.

I don’t think so man, I uploaded another clip to my YouTube which I recorded directly through the PS4.

See when I play single player there is no problem at all it is only when I join into a server the rubber banding/Lag happens.

I appreciate all your help by the way. Been looking all over online about this and I think this problem is affecting a minority, definitely not a majority. So it looks like it has to be an issue on my end, question is what though.

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