PS4 Exiles: Share Compare Prepare

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I’ve been a PlayStation player since PS2, also play a PS3 Phat and Slim. Will play on PS4 Standard.
I have 1740 hours on PC, with about 75% of them on PVP Officials.
My expectations: my playtime is shared between three Conan Exiles servers/games now, plus another action game. I think I’ll probably want to play on both platforms, and have time to do it.

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PS4 Day-One Edition Pre-Orders @gamestop!

I’m still not sure whether to preorder or save up for a PC and get the PC version, but that wouldn’t be anytime soon unless PCs start costing $100 with ultra specs.

still unsure whether to preorder PS4 version. if they want their console ports investment to be more profitable, they should be sure that the regular version of consoles have at least stable 30 fps or 60 fps, which should take priority over higher resolution. most higher resolution priority games wind up with choppy framerates, which really brings down the game’s quality.

also if they cut the nudity, that would really degrade the console version’s quality.

PS4 has over 60,000,000 owners worldwide and PSN is the hottest market in the industry and starving for more open world survival games, they shouldn’t pull punches with nude freedom.

and the other thing is how stable the online is, as well how offline single player friendly the game is, and other gameplay aspects.

the majority of the PS4 community is still in the dark about the game.
next month there is a huge marketed game being released
(which I feel is overrated and lacks diversity) , but it has Sony backing it, so its going to sell and be overrated a lot by the media, no matter how mediocre it really is.

now Conan Exiles releasing the month after, a couple of days into May, it’s really gotta inform the masses what it has and doesn’t have compared to the PC version, and how they address things like nudity, framerate and other things.

there is even talk of nudity being an exclusive EU DLC on Xbox One.

I dunno how they are gonna optimize profits and respect from the PS4 worldwide masses, if they don’t give PS4 equal treatment. play favorites, and they risk losing a lot of PS4 customers,

and PS4 is winning the console race, so there’s a goldmine there that Funcom can’t afford to miss out on.

They should convince Sony, with money if they have to , to let as much nudity as possible slide, get partnership promotion for their game, like Bethesda is doing with their latest TESO expansion, and inform the masses of their game, PS4 masses in particular, have a PSN blog that has effective informative design.

they gotta hit the ground running for attention and hype and make sure to optimize framerate on the regular PS4, which can help the game score even higher.

like look at how despite how small and shallow Nier Automata is, it made record sales, mostly because of ■■■ appeal, but also because of its smooth high framerate performance.

So Conan Exiles should not cut any of its strengths in the PS4 version.
It has the brawn and beauty to be a great success on PS4, but only if it preserves its features instead of cutting and giving players an incomplete version of its nature, as well as ensuring its performance runs well on regular PS4 hardware too. lets be serious, most dont care about PS4 Pro, and most review a game based on how its standard PS4 version performs.

Very, very good. I was just about to answer you in your thread, so cheers!

My disappointment with the Sony title you referenced is almost complete: it looks severely unappealing. I mean I know dads are the new OP game demographic, but c’mon. If Funcom can ride that popped bubble, they’ll be in.

I think you’re underestimating the scope of the nudity issue; IMO there can be no console-based solution other than a loincloth. The Japanese market alone would bring Sony to its knees with nothing more than full frontal female nudity. Let alone “RP acts” that simulate culturally offensive behavior.

As for buying the pre-order, I don’t want to miss out on a physical disk, and a sword. :slight_smile: