Singleplayer Options PS4

Hey all. I just pre-ordered the game for ps4. I was wondering what the options for the singleplayer server. Is it invite friends/coop only like Minecraft console version or can random people join your game?

I’m assuming you came here like me because other boards have little to no activity regarding Conan Exiles. I would cancel the pre-order. If their community isn’t willing to answer console questions, they don’t need our money to help keep their game alive. And I get it. It’s the Conan universe.

I don’t mind too much. I’ll be sure to figure it out on my own. I couldn’t find much info on the game. The wikis ive seem have none but the devs update their blog weekly. I think I’ll really enjoy this game, especially the building aspect. I just think most of the pc players on here are not interested in either sp or consoles. From the nightmare stories I’ve heard about pvp unbalance and the massive amounts of cheaters(pc players in general have no morals, I kid​:joy::wink:), I’m happy I’m on the sp console version lol.