How dose conan exile non-dedicated server for ps4?

My wife and I play A lot of ARK using two ps4’s. It is a blast and we love to be able to have our own settings and our own world. I was wondering if Conan is going to have the same setup, or do we not have the same options? I’m really chomping at the bit to play this game but I’m trying to get my wife involved. If we have to play on a server with a bunch of others, who just slaughter everything that spawns, then it’s just frustrating and my wife won’t touch it.

I would Imagine it would work similar to Ark. As we have no access to the PS4 version the best comparison would be XBOX. Hopefully someone will be able to fill you in there.

How is it on the Xbox?

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Again I assume you can play single player and invite people to your game same as you can on PC but as with the PC your server will shut down and kick everyone when you are not playing on it.

Yeah that’s how we’ve been playing ark on our ps4’s so that’s cool. I start a game and send her an invite. Thanks for the help.