Non-dedicated servers on ps4

My wife and I play A lot of ARK using two ps4’s. It is a blast and we love to be able to have our own settings and our own world. I was wondering if Conan is going to have the same setup. Or do we not have the same options. I’m really chomping at the bit to play this game but I’m trying to get my wife involved. If we have to play on a server with a bunch of others, who just slaughter everything that spawns, then it’s just frustrating and my wife won’t touch it.

You are actually posting this to the Secret World Legends Forum, rather than Age Of Conan, so you may want to retry there instead.
Here in the Secret World they drastically limit the total number of players in each instance, anyway, in order to create of spookier vibe and a ‘sole survivor’ feel. Sounds like something your folks might like.

Oops lol. Still awesome thanks sounds cool.