Ps4 as a private dedicated server?

I just want to know if you can use your PS4 as a private dedicated server. Versus renting a server for outrageous prices. I don’t want to play on public servers because I don’t want all the things I’ve done to be erased. Nor do I want to be bullied around by other players. Also I do not want to pay these exorbitant prices to rent a server.

You want to host a SWL server? O_o

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Have 2 ps4s so also vondering

You can not use a PS4 as a Dedicated Server. You can play locally and invite your friends to play while you’re playing. This particular instance of Conan Exiles only runs while you’re logged in. It will not remain online the way a dedicated server does.

The big question here is, will there be a tether on everyone? Can we go to all corners of the map individually? If this is not a possibility I do not see this as a solution. Let me rephrase my question. Can we ever use a game console PS4 or Xbox as a dedicated server? I love how you enter these forums for the first time and you guys have in the beginning and I quote " we hear your cries" or something of that nature. You hear our cries yet you do nothing about them. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one that wants to have a console as a private dedicated server. So I ask you funcom. What is going to be done about this. I’ve noticed Ark has a constant higher player base. And I’m going to assume that is because you can have your own private dedicated servers without having to rent them. And let’s be honest Ark isn’t that great on console it has much more players on PC. What I’m seeing is Conan Exiles having much less players on console then PC. If I were you guys I’d make away so that people can use their extra consoles as private dedicated servers vs paying crazy amounts to rent a server. I could buy two or three PS4s with the prices you ask for the servers. If you guys want this to be big on console at least give us the ability to host our own private dedicated servers.

“We’ve heard your cries! We’ve heard your pleas!”
But are these cries and please falling upon deaf ears?

I understand that you’re frustrated with the feature set that we’ve chosen to offer. With that said, I’d like to clarify that Funcom does not profit from server rentals. All of those funds go to our partners. For a number of reasons, we do not have console-hosted servers as an option and it is not currently on our road map. I’m sorry.

I never said that funcom profits from renting private servers.

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