Help on co op server

hi all :slight_smile:
i’ve been playing on a co op server that i have opend with 2 freinds of mine
and i wondered if there’s any way for them to enter that exact server without me playing on it, since im the host
when they’r trying to play co op without me it dosent let them continue the previos games only start a new one so i needed to enter my saved game and then send the invites and then just went AFK just for they could play lol
so is there any way that they can play on it without me?

sorry if i have spelling mistakes


If you want your friends to be able to play when you are not on you need to host a dedicated server. Its important to note that just because your pc can handle a co-op session with 3 people doesnt mean it will handle a dedicated server. Dedicated isnt co-op so there is no tether. Meaning the more your friends roam about the world and build stuff away from each other the more draw it will be on your cpu and ram. But if you think you got it covered there is a server setup guide posted bellow. You should also take into consideration that your personal experience in game may suffer while you are running both a server and your client when you want to play as well.

Thenk you very much man
So from my understanding
The fact that i use ps4 console to play the game means that i cant open a dedicated right ?

Oh darn yeah I didnt see that tag on your post my apologies. You are correct, you cannot physically host your own dedicated server at home. You can purchase one though through g-portal at about $11 a month for 10 slots. 10 is the minimum. Maybe you and your friends could split the cost like a tab at the pub. Its a shame console developers limit you so much especially since they are just glorified PC’s at this stage.

Np man thank you for the help
i wish that at least there where an option to transfer the “host” from one to another that will be cool at least

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