Do i have to set up a dedicated server to play singleplayer/co-op with my friends?

Title kinda says it all, i was just wondering since we cant seem to connect right now.

If you are having problems finding an existing server with enough open spaces for you and your friends, you can definitely create your own.

I know that we can join an official server and such, but what we wanted to do was play by ourselves.
But do i have to manually set up a server myself, or is there a way to set it up ingame?
Small addition, when we try to join eachother (we’ve tried joining both of our games) we get the notifictaion: Pending connection failure. could not connect to server. your connection to the host has been lost.

You can absolutely play by yourselves. When you select Singleplayer/Co-op your computer will act as a host for the game. You can then invite other players to your game by selecting “Invite Friend” from the in-game ESC menu. Your friends will need to be on the Conan Exiles main menu screen to receive invites.

In order for this to work your singleplayer map has to have been saved at least once. If this map is brand new you will need to finalize your character and exit to the main menu to be sure the map saves. You will then need to log back into your game.

While hosting a co-op game players are tethered to the host, meaning they can’t move past a certain distance from player hosting the game. This distance can be modified from the in-game menu under Settings > Server Settings > Tethering Distance.

Please keep in mind that while using co-op the hosting player’s game needs to be running in order for other people to play; if the host leaves the game other players will not have access to that map.


Ok, thanks for the help

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