Co-op game by ourselves

So I have been trying to figure this out but haven’t been able to find any information on it. If I start a co-op game with several friends, are we going to be able to play in the same game by ourselves. This was one thing that really annoyed me back in the day with ARK was if we weren’t all on together, we had to play solo instead. We could never just get on and harvest or build up our base or anything without us being on together. Does anyone know how this will work in Exiles?

Sounds like you’re talking about setting up a private, dedicated unofficial server. Basically, you’ll want a server that’s on and available 24 hours a day so that your friends can come and go as time permits in their schedule. If you only have one of you in the group running a server, they could only play when that one person was online and playing, too (since, when the person running the game from their computer logged off, the whole world would ‘go with them’ too). To keep it ‘private’ you can set it up with a password for just you and your friends.

Here’s instructions on setting up a private, dedicated server in Conan Exiles:

Being an unofficial server, would also mean that you can mod the game world to the specifications that you and your friends enjoy. For example, official servers would be using default Purge settings, but you all might want Purges more frequently or setting experience points to level a little quicker or resource nodes to provide a little more material. Being unofficial gives you control over those aspects.

Not without renting a dedicated unofficial private server or by setting up a PC in your home up as a dedicated unofficial server (a computer you will not switch off).

As said above it is possible if you have the knowledge and/or the money to do so.

So there is no way for us to all just find a server out there to play on together or alone if need be without renting or setting up my own?

You can join a PvE dedicated server and work together but then you would be in the mix with anyone else on that server.

That wouldn’t be an issue. Basically I just want for us to be able to play together in a clan but also alone in the same game, because of our schedules, and not have to split our time between different characters just to play.

If you don’t mind being on the same server as others you can easily find any server to play on they will all have their own rules the Official dedicated servers have options for PvP and PvE or if you want you can go for private dedicated servers run by players who may or may not have specific rules for playing.

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Thats good to hear. Thanks for your help.

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There are many private servers, as such, you can easily find some barren where your friends could essentially take over the server without any risk or issues other than the admin pulling the plug. Find a good PVE server, as suggested, with settings close to what you like. However, I highly recommend an admin ran RP-PvP server. Gives more options and healthy pvp fun without the trolling, block base building pvp servers that are out there. Always check out the settings as there are many different ones that can make a game more fun or less fun depending on your prefer style. Finally, it is really cheap to host a small 10 man server that you can have full control over.

I suggest a private server. On an Official Server (PvP or PvE) you will have to deal with players that set up buildings to block resources and abandoned buildings. In one Official Server PvP, someone built a wall along the entire desert where you start or respawn if you do not have a bedroll to make it difficult to get out of the desert when you start back in the game, which is REALLY annoying.

My only problem with a private server is putting a lot of work into the game and someone shutting it down for what ever reason.

This is why I set up my own dedicated server. I’ve done mine through Gportal (same peeps that run the official ones). Their interface and UI for settings is pretty user friendly and as soon as the payment goes through, its up immediately.

Its just under 12 bucks a month (for the lowest player count available at 10 slots) if that’s something you don’t mind. For us its worth it since we can play without having to worry about the server disappearing one day or other people griefing or whatnot. I’m currently running mine in Testlive to help test some of the new features and help get some bugs fixed before the game goes live next month.

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Perfect! Wife and I had same concerns and this answers them.

I was using wrong terminology. I meant to save rent a DEDICATED SERVER. Oops.

You should be able to track how long a server has been active for and how many admi8ns are active. There is a list somewhere showing all the major servers both official and Private.RP and non RP and PvE and PvP.

If i had the time I’d search for it for you.

I’ve done what you are asking for cheap and pretty easy.

If you have a spare computer lying around you can install the dedicated server onto it and just leave it running somewhere in your house. I have a small computer that I made a couple years ago. According to the Dedicated server system requirements you’ll just need something with Win7, 8 or 10, an Intel Core2Duo, 8GB of RAM and 35GB of Disk Space.

You can get an i5 and 8GB of RAM, Win 10 on Amazon for about $180 certified refurbished. That’s a bit more than a year of renting a server depending on how many people you want and how good their prices are.

My friends and I also live/work on different schedules so I can just leave the little PC sitting in the corner with the server running and every now and then I hop on and restart it to keep the mods up to date. All I had to do was install the dedicated server files and open the ports. The StartServer file automatically updates the server and I added a couple lines that update our mods to make life a little smoother.

Just copy your world save every now and then to keep a backup in case an update breaks the game or something gets messed up over time.


on a pvp server you can still play together but you will need to create a clan.

I think I can help with this:

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Running a co-op (PS4) on your own machine is broke so hard I’ve stopped playing, intermittantly saves progress being the game breaking bug. Dedicated private server is the way to go.