Question About Running my own Server

I am going to host my own server for my family on a dedicated PC, so we can play by LAN. I’m going to use the server startup app that was released.

We have 3 steam accounts with Conan Exiles. How will the server startup work? I don’t want to play on the PC running the server, so will I need to load steam, start it up, then can I exit steam on that server PC to free up that steam account so I can play on that steam account on a different PC? OR am I going to need 4 copies of Conan for 3 people to play witha dedicated server – 3 for the players, 1 copy for the server?

Thanks for your help!

You only need steam accounts for the players. The server doesn’t need to steam installed.

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That’s fine, but if the server has all the DLC stuff, and a player only has base game, can they still play?


Yes, but obviously only the players having the DLC can craft DLC things.

Wich is the same way an official server works :wink:

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