Creating Server and Steam Accounts...

I’m really new about creating servers, but my friends and me were thinking about starting one tha could match ours desires.

To start, we acant afford to pay for a proper server service and as I have a really good PC that i’m not using, we were thinking about using it for serving with. But we have some questions…

If i start the server on this Server PC, does my Steam’s Account need to be logged in? Or can i use the same Acc on PC Server and on the one i’ll be playing ?
I’ve read on the game’s manual about using SteamCMD for this purpose. Is it to hard to use?

Thanks guys

It is not recommended to play and host on the same device.
You may possibly experience that your server list dissapears.

Personally, I can’t give you any other workarounds than using two devices.

Thats actualy what I did. I set up a server on my playing PC. Worked pretty good, although I only used a core i5 2500k with 8GB RAM to do so.
We played with 3 people the same time.

I now have an old Core2Duo running as server.

I used this guide to set up a server:

Missread your question a little.
So just follow the guide I linked above. You will be able to use a PC as server and also be able to play on that server using your playing PC with your Steam-account. Just remember to open the listening and playing ports on your firewall.

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I see, thanks. I remembered hearing this from a discord user as well. Found the posts, which were quite recent:

when you setup the server, in the engine or serversettings .ini files you can set the port, portpeer, and queryport

if you use the same pc to host the server which you can do, you have to be sure to use a different queryport other than 27015 because, apparently (and from funcom), that port is the default steam query port and two apps cannot call on the same port

so you simply change the port to something else, but the port numbering uses port# (N)+1 so you’d want to switch it to a port 2 ports separate

I think I might add this info to the wiki (with agreement of my co-editors later)

Thanks^^ I’ll study it