Porblem on joining my own dedicated server

I have a problem on join to my own server.
I am hosting dedicated servers from the start of the game (2017 february), and i could play and host server from the same PC. Now at the relase day (2017.05.08) i just reinstalled my server. At the start everything was perfect, i have 30+ players online. After of my 2-3 hours playing time i had to reconnect, but than i cant. I got infinite loading screen, my log says i succesfull logined. I am using/tried several ports (27015, 27016, 27017, 7777, 7778) and nothing changed. I reinstalled steam, conan, battleaye, and i never used any mods before, but nothing changed. My server in engine is using GameServerQueryPort=27015 now, and in my serverstart.bat using MULTIHOME=, and QueryPort= 27016 (tried before: GameServerPeerPort=27016)

What can i do let my server me playing again? (I can log in from my brother’s PC, so my steam account is ok)

Thx for you help!

I installed my server through the steamCMD. And using windows 8.1.

We have an other problem, after someone die, can not resurrect, the timer stop and nothing happens. And if someone log out then when died, he cant join back, need to waite for server restart… Really need to fix it…

After the new update… i cannot join my server…

I’m using this now…LogoutCharactersRemainInTheWorld=False

I can’t say I have any personal experience trying to do this. We saved this information from the Steam discussion though. This might be helpful for you:

-suggestion by user Toooni:
By default, servers will listen on UDP ports 27015 and 7777. If you are attempting to host a server on ports other than the default, please make sure you are editing the port in
the server’s “engine.ini” file, and not through a command line parameter.

Please look for or add:
Port =”

And enter the correct port here. This is an issue we are continuing to investigate and hope to have a proper solution for soon.

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