2 pcs, same house and router, can I set up a 2 player co-op game?

Please help. Myself and my son love Conan Exiles and want to play 2 player co-op. We have 2 PCs connected to the same wireless router. If I buy a second copy of the game and put it on my son’s PC, are we able to somehow set up a 2 player game or is this not possible ?
Thank you,
Graeme :wink:

Yes absolutely. There’s the option to play co-op instead of using servers. Your son can join your current solo map and play along. It’s under the “single player/coop” button, you can invite him though the menu or steam iirc.

Major downside is that you can’t stray too far from each other. If you die and your respawn point is too far away, your son will be teleported to your spawn point. It gets quite annoying but otherwise coop is great!

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