How to have a two player game?

Hello all.

My wife is considering joining me in Conan. Is there a way for us to play together in PVE mode alone?

Yes. You can start a single player coop game. Your wife can join thru steam or thru conan.

Like dthfrmalarnd said, you can play in coop however you will have the leash litmitation: you and your wife wont be able to go to far from each other.Also if you wont be playing, your wife wont be able to play in the same world. Altough is for sure the easiest and fastest way.

What you can also do , altough its more expensive or more complicated is get a server for just the 2 of you. You can either set it up yourself and not pay anything(tough you will have to update it etc ), or you can rent a server. (I dont recommend the most obvious gportal, its performance and help is lacking, wiht a friend we are very happy with serverblend but there are many companies whit which poeple are happy)

Well shoot. Thanks for the heads up. I did rent a Gportal. So far so good but if we have issue witll check out Serverblend. Thanks.

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