Need help establishing a coop game

Hi all!

I’m a bit rusty, I played my last multiplayer game in 2014. Since then is single player only, so I’m a bit rusty.
Plus, I’ve never played Conan in multi.

I upgraded my PC, and made one for my girlfriend, and she likes this game too (before that we played alternately for 1-1 hour).

Question is: how can we play in coop? I mean the only two players would be us, everything else is the game (PvE I guess :laughing: ).
Do I need to create a server on my PC, and be the host, or just click play co-op and search for my girlfriend, invite her, and boom? Please tell me I don’t have to rent a server! Hehe

Sorry if this was asked many times before, and if it’s a silly question.

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Thank you for helping!
I will try it, the only thing reamining is to download the game for her. With the magnificent rural internet connection yaayyyyy. :rofl:

Edit: sites, such as humblebundle, or allkeyshop are legit, “steam-compatible” sites to buy Conan?
because I saw the game on such sites, and they offer keys much cheaper than on steam. Is it too good to be true, or limited keys, for example. only last for a year?

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You need to have 2 copies of the game obviously.

Make sure you add each other on the ingame friendlist system.

Then start your coop game and invite the other person via the ingame friendlist.


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