Question about Co-op play

So I’ve been playing in single-player/offline mode all this time, but now a friend of mine has acquired CE. I see on the main menu, it’s listed as “Solo/Co-Op” (or something similar) as opposed to Online, so here’s the question: can I invite my buddy into my existing game? If so, how? Would I need to start a new game? How does all this work?

Oh, and please don’t say “just play online durr”, because 1) that’s not answering the question, and 2) there are far too many asshats out there for that to be fun.


You can invite them into your already existing game. You don’t need to start over.
Once you invite, steam will give them a prompt through the steam msg, they’ll click it and it’ll start the game for them and they’ll need to make a toon and they’ll be in your world.

To invite, just press the esc button or whichever loads up the red panel screen, then scroll until you see invite friend. Then, if he is on your steam friend list, just click invite by his name.

Hope this helps.


Awesome, thanks so much!

At the moment in new system of steam friends we not obtain a invite :frowning:
Its only ours problem or we miss something?

When you say treasure box…are you talking about the chest left by World Bosses that requires a skeleton key? Or something else?

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You really don’t want to use Co-op. Its more problems than its worth. The good news is setting up a private server on your own machine is easy enough. There’s a guide on the wiki on how to set it up.

If you wish to use your Singleplayer game file and keep everything you’ve built, you can move the game.db from the Conan directory to the same location in the dedicated server directory.

So what you’ll be doing is launching the server and then you’ll connect to it like any other server, can just use your loopback address ( to connect and then have your friend join you through steam.

If you leave the server on, you don’t even need to be online for your friend to play. But you do need a sustained connection to the internet. With only two players your computer will likely be fine for it.

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Okay, so my buddy & I are trying the co-op thing. Or rather, we’re TRYING to try the co-op thing. Whether it’s me inviting him into my world, or him inviting me into his, we get the same message: “Pending Connection Failure: Could not connect to server. Your modlist doesn’t match the server modlist. Please enable only the following mods, in order:”

And that’s it. Our modlists are identical. The load order is identical. The message doesn’t indicate what the problem mod(s) is/are. FWIW, I did look into the server creation thing…and I just don’t get it. Straight up, not an IT/IS guy, and a lot of this stuff is just over my head. (Loopback address? I don’t even.)

Please advise!

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I was thinking about the mods as the stumbling block. I’m going to seriously miss Pickup+. Talk about functionality that should be in the base game.

We’ll try that, thanks. Funny story: my friend (who actually IS an IT guy) tried to get a private server going for us. Effed around with it for 2-3 hours. Never could connect.

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