Co-op invite issues

So me and my friend purchased isles of siptah to play together but neither of us can receive an invite from one another. Occasionally I can join him but he can never get one from me. And when I do join I can hear his voice chat but he can’t see or hear any of my communications. Any ideas?

If you are playing through Steam it could be a privacy setting that cause problems, not sure though, but I know that many coop games require the host to have game details in steam client not set to private :slight_smile:

We’re playing on pc game pass. It doesn’t seem to always be the case with me receiving the invite but out of two hours of trying I got two invites and that was to my friends world with no progress.

I see 2 possible solutions that is way better than playing in coop, one of them cost money though, but generally they offer more stability in connection and gets rid of the annoying leash between host and guest(s)

  1. Pay for a private server through dedicated server host which in my opinion is the best option since it doesn’t require host to be online for other members to play.

  2. Running a dedicated server from your own pc, it does require a bit of setup, but isn’t hard to do, it works like any other server but only as long the host is running the server, it is sort of like coop gameplay just without the leash between host and coop players.
    Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.7.2 / Beta: ----)

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Thanks buddy I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

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