Me and a friend of mine cant use the coop mode

Game mode: [SELECT ONE] Co-op
Type of issue: [SELECT ONE PvE-Conflict
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Edition: [ Select one: Steam ]

Bug Description:

So me and a Friend of mine bought the Isle of sipath and also used the normal conan map but
we try to play coop there only standing trying to join the game or something like that but that s stand there like 5 min or some and if we break it up then it sas could nt conect to server and we dont know whats the matter

maybe somebody has n idea.

Did you invite via steam?

we tryed all methos we know to invite us

I did it a long time ago… I think what we did was, he started his coop game, invited me via steam, I used the steam invite to launch the game and join and that worked. If that isnt working… hmmm. I might be forgetting a detail… it was a long time ago.

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If I remember correctly, I believe that first the host must log in and then invite. @EmergencyCat911 welcome to the forum. You do know that you have tender distance in co op. This will ruin a bit your fun, why don’t you try online?

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