Hows is the Co-Op

How is the Co-Op in Conan i usally play single player but i wanted to try co-op. Is it worth it? or should i stay singleplayer

The three main things im curious about

  1. can both people play separately or does one have to always be host for the other to play
  2. how far apart can you get i know in ark that was kind of a problem last time i tried it
  3. how do mods work in co-op

is there anything else i should know about co-op

Co-op requires a host and there is a tether range. If you have any decent experience hosting a server, a suggestion is to look into that option. Hosting a server off another computer would allow either player to come and go as they please, and remove tether restrictions.

Modding works so long as both parties are using the same mods in the same load order as the host, or server.

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The game will detect what mods are present, download any in which you do not have, set them up in the proper order and restart your game. So the mod issue isn’t relevant. But yes, the host player must be online and invite the other in order to play together and if you ever stray to far the other player will die and re-spawn wherever the host is. It can be very annoying.

Because of the tether alone I would try to find a low-pop or empty PVE server. Unless you plan to only play together and run around holding hands the whole game the tether is extremely frustrating. There’s no ‘hey, you run over and farm that, I’ll run over there and farm that other thing.’

Yeah, the tether works like a lot of top down dungeon crawlers, minus the fun dungeon hack and slash, and the game play stays on the host. which means if they die, you get ported back to their spawn point. So basically outside of dungeon runs, which make up a very, very small % of the game, you both have to find something to do in the same area, and be on at the same time as the orgiinal host.

If you are on PC, and have a spare one to use as a server for free, look into setting up a private server, password protected.

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