All die in coop when host dies?

OK so some friends and I started playing Conan together yesterday and have noticed an issue we hope there is a solution to.

When I die as host both my friends also get respawned at the base. Is there a way to stop this or why is it they respawn when I die as it is rather annoying if they are doing something and get teleported back to base when I die?

Also we’ve noticed that when one of my friends wandered into the city and I was a ways off he noticed all the NPC’s despawned and only when I came closer to the city did the NPC’s respawn

So again is there any way to avoid this so they can go do what they want and I can do what I want without this issue of despawning NPC’s and such.


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It’s a feature of the Co-op system known as tether. The game doesn’t load the full map and all features all at once, but instead it runs only the area where the host is. That’s why players can’t wander too far away from eah other. There’s no way around this in Co-op mode.

However, there is an alternative. You can host your own private server. If your PC has the hardware you don’t even need a separate machine to run the server. That way, the whole world is your sandbox at the same time, and being the server owner you can shoose who gets to join.

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As @Kapoteeni mentioned co-op tethering is a pain. @CodeMage has made a mod to help with private servers on pc for set up believe it’s called bugle or close to that ps ps5 player myself. Plenty of pc players here to coach you through. Welcome to the Forum @Scottish2

OK 2 side questions for you and sestus2009 and anyone else that wants to hop in.

First before starting this is the first game I have ever played with others where I am hosting them as such. So all this server stuff is brand new to me.

So when I load into the game I am the host so I click on Single Player/Co-op I then activate Co-op on the little pop up window and go in then when my friends are around I just send then the invite to join in.

Is this what you were referring to as Private server or is this something else. If it is can this be safely run from a laptop as thats what I run off of. If this is not what you meant can you expand on this like where should we click to get into this and secondly if it is somewhere different we need to click can we continue on with the progress we have currently made with the single player/co-op mode in this new area?

If this is what you meant do I need to change a setting in the server settings to turn tethering off so they can wander around as they want as I tend to stay close to the base to build while they do about fighting and such.

And the second question is one of my friends is considering paying for a server so we can play when we want without the need for others to be on. If he does that can we load into out current saved world from that is would we need to start fresh and secondly being he would then be the host since he’d be paying for the server would we need to upload anything that might be in my saved world on my laptop that he or I would need to upload. Is there also a way for him to say make me a mod or admin that would allow me to do this without the need to email him my save files?

OK hope thats clear as long response since the post has veered into a new direction.

PS I also checked the settings and found tethering is set to 52,000 which from what I saw in another steam post seemed to be the max but is there a way to disable tethering in the server setting panel? Basically I want to let them do their thing while I do mine.

It’s something else. Single-Player/Co-op is hosted locally, ie. on your computer. A private server is a separately running service where players can join at will (as long as the server is on), which means you don’t need to be present for other to play.

You can rent a server from an online service (such as G-Portal, which is where Funcom’s official servers reside), or you can install the private server software on your own computer.

But I don’t have any personal experience with that, so I can’t answer your question on what sort of hardware that requires.

That is, the server will consume much more computer resources, because it keeps the entire map and all the events on it in memory, do I understand correctly?

I think it depends on your server. My partner has a pretty good machine (cpu AMD Ruben 5600x, gpu 3070, 16gb RAM). The RAM is the limiting factor when playing the game and running it on the same machine. We could do it on his machine for the two of us and three other friends and minimal mods but he had to make sure to keep all other background processes closed (definitely no Chrome!). It wasn’t a long term server though and we just ended up switching to a rented one.

And yes, you can copy over your single player save and turn it into a server. I’m not sure if anyone other than the host character would copy over though in a co-op save since the friends are dependent on the host and aren’t “real” characters exactly but I’ve not tried a co-op save, just standard single player.

So what you mention in your first response was a private server (rented) what you were referring to or just a locally hosted game like we’re running? Just want to make sure I followed your first response correctly as I did see a tethering limit in the locally hosted settings though that only seemed to allow for distance which was already default to max distance of 52000

So when renting a server do we get more options to allow tethering to be disabled when we are all online.

Like I mentioned above I tend to be the base builder and their the fighters so they tend to wander around more then I do. and I just don’t like having to keep them tied down to me while I work due to tethering limits

Yeah, if you rent a server (or make a dedicated local server on your own machine) tethering isn’t a thing anymore. Everyone can go off on their own or work together as they’d like. If you leave the server running, people who are not the server owner can play when they want (rather than only when the co-op host is on). You should restart the server once a day though, just for performance.

There are essentially 4/5 “modes” you can play in regards to Conan servers:

  • Single player only
  • Co-op which is single player with friends pulled in (they cannot play on their own in that save and are tethered)
  • Official server
  • Rented server
  • Local dedicated server (this last one is very similar to a rented server but is set up to run on a local machine you/server owner has access to, whether this is your own computer and you run the server and play the game at the same time or if you have an extra computer you use just for this).

Two questions

You said restart once a day, One of my friends is considering renting a server. So is this still an issue then as assume no way for him to restart the server or…???

Also we have been using the Single Player/Co-op option to play at the moment with me as the host.

When and if we do swap over to a rented server and import the game saves to it what will happen with their characters or will they too need to import their own save files to keep on with their characters???

If you rent a server being as you are on pc you have options to rent from. Console players have to use Gportal. When you are in Gportals site they have options as time of day for restart and if you want more than once a day. Have had a Exiles server since game came out on Playstation daily restart around 6am .it is a 20 slot server seems often enough. As far as transferring don’t know. @Scottish2

OK If my friend does opt or a server will make sure he resets it daily.


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Just to clarify, restart is just rebooting the server daily to clear up cache, memory, etc not resetting the server and wiping all progress. It is good to take regular backups as well. Many server providers offer automatic restarts and backups. Gportal doesn’t offer automatic backups as far as I remember. Gportal are definitely not the best server provider in terms of quality and support but they are rather cheap.

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Yep, what others have said. Reboot is essentially just restarting the server. My partner and I (if the two of us are the only ones playing) only turn our server on when we’re playing but when we have other friends with us, we have it set to restart every morning at 5am since that worked best for people’s schedules.

GPortal does not do automatic backups. Server has to be manually taken offline for that which we do usually once a week around the same time Steam does its maintenance (again for convenience).

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