Bug / glitch with the resurrection of the host in a joint game

Hello, dear FUNCOM, I recently became the owner of the Conan Exiles game, but I managed to fall in love with it.
I managed to recommend it to my friends and, after playing together, we discovered a bug/glitch. It is associated with a certain radius of binding of the “player” to the “host” of the server. If the host of the joint game dies, then when he is reborn, all the players who were too far away from him at the time of his rebirth will be teleported to him and the host himself will get stuck for a while, which allows you to quickly return home from a distant adventure.
Also, if a player dies and is too far away from the host at the moment of resurrection, he will be transferred to the host, which can be used as a teleporter or, for example, as an infinite warrior.
I understand that for a joint game, the real god is only the host getting stuck after resurrection, but still teleports and immortality spoil the atmosphere a little, the notorious binding to the host itself spoils the atmosphere as much as the gameplay itself, which really interferes.
I hope you can understand what I have written here, because I myself am a little confused already, and that with one of the following patches I will be able to go on a long journey while my friend is looking for adventures at the other end of the map

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