Respawning is this normal?

Hi there,
A friend and I were playing as a 2 player coop not using the anti-cheat thingy option. My friend was the host and I joined his game. My friend was killed in combat and I was also respawned . Is this normal please?

It’s due to tether limits probably. Your friend respawned in an area where your character was out of range, so it warped you to your friend.

Thanks Multigun,
To clarify, So my friends respawn point was too far from my character and when he died I was warped to him as well ?

Ya, due to Co-op tether restrictions. There is a maximum distance your friend, the host, can be before you will find your own character start to get dragged back towards them. Or if your friend dies, get warped to them.

If you want to bypass this restriction, you will need to host a server. Here’s the free app to let you do that.

Thank you for taking the time to help, appreciated. I will look into the server suggestion.

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