Can't play co-op in the same home

Game mode: [Coop]
Problem: [Crash | Bug]
Region: [Canada]

[Free text]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.start game single player/coop
3.activate coop by clicking X
4.create game and invite friend from in-game menu

I tried to join my boyfriend game by the PS4 menu, he tried to invite me from PS4 menu, in-game menu… I tried to create a session and invite him, still not working…

did you have 2 PS4 ?
If not then don´t work co-op.
Couch coop don´t work with Conan Exiel

for coop in the same home you need 2 PS4 Systems

So if you set up 2 tv’s, 2 ps4’s in the same room, and try to play co-op, do you still need to play online with internet connection?
And if so, do you then need to have a PS plus account as you need for PVP PVE and PVE-C?

To clarify on this matter, you do need a PS Plus account to be able to play online and for coop.

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