Can't log in co-op in the same house

Game mode: [Coop]
Problem: [Crash | Bug]
Region: [Canada]

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.start game single player/coop
3.activate coop by clicking X
4.create game and invite friend from in-game menu

I tried to join my boyfriend game by the PS4 menu, he tried to invite me from PS4 menu, in-game menu… I tried to create a session and invite him, still not working…
We have 2 PS4 with 2 Tv and 2 ps+ accounts

Hey Marie, can you ensure that both consoles are on a wired connection?

Do either have any issue connecting to and playing on online servers?

Did any of the consoles start on a new save for the coop session?

We play on the wifi, but we always did and it always worked, and we tried almost anything for the games: starting with an old one and new one

Are you able to test having both consoles on a wired connection?

As you’ve mentioned that you were previously able to play coop without any trouble, was there any change that preceded this issue, such as a patch, or did it simply start ocurring?

Would you be able to try to rebuild the PS4 database on both consoles and, if that doesn’t help, perform a full reinstall of the game to see if the issue persists?

We are currently reinstalling the game to see if it will resolve our problem and yes there was an update of the game but because we didn’t play for a while I don’t know if it’s because of the game update that it doesn’t work anymore :frowning:

Even after uninstall and reinstall the game it still doesn’t work I obtain a Failed to connect to the desired game error. And yes we are able to play on online servers…

Thank you for letting us know, we’ll register this issue for our team to look into.

Can you send an email when it’s corrected?Because I won’t play until I can play co-op.

@Marie my wife plays online and offline we give up trying to play co-op . I think the problem started several months ago. It used to work also with some friends co-OP game.

I hope they will correct it

@Marie deleted Conan-Exiles this morning every thing defrag ps4 every thing is reloading now tonight will try and play with my wife and see if it helps. Isyour offline character the same as coop? Or are you both working from a co-OP character. Good luck to us let you know.

@Marie so I GOT HOME TONIGHT every thing I wiped this morning reinstalled. Started coop game created character invited my wife into game we played about 2 hours she just crashed I am on cable her ps4 cable to wireless cable box. No problems yet. Will keep you apprised. Last time we tried this could not get inyo each other’s game .

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@Marie I joined my wife’s game today she was in coop working ok I wish I knew what to tell you too make it work. That is all the experience I have. If you come up with more information I will try to test. Have a good weekend.

@Marie @Hugo playing this weekend my wife and I experienced inability to join each others game. So we both played a co op game by our selves. She had a idea. Invite from current game without logout. In that fashion it works fine
Hope this helps let me know please.

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Thank you for reporting back with further findings, we’ll be sure to register these together with the original report.

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