Cannot connect to coop host

Game mode: [Online | Cooperative]
Problem: [Crash | Bug ]
Region: [ EU / GER ]

Hello everyone,

I have recently had a few troubles with conan exiles in coop mode. For weeks it had been running without issues, now two days in a row, I have not been able to join the game of my partner. Neither of us changed anything on the game/console/router settings. The first time this occurred was after I was randomly kicked from the game and when we logged back in, some items were corrupted files. We simply dropped them so they disappeared over time and for a while I could login perfectly. A little later the same evening I was kicked again and unable to log in. Restarting both the game and the console didn’t work for either of us. My partner sometimes also got the notification that he could not start the game in coop mode. Then after a few hours it randomly worked perfect again. Today I could not log into his game all day. I could start my own game however.

Please let me know what further information you need and if anyone can help me with this.

Cheers, Jacky

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start game
  2. Join game of a friend in coop mode via friend list, party or invite
  3. Get notification: “Joining the requested game not possible.” (or something similar, my language is set to German)

The correct error message is the following: Failed to Join Requested Game Error

I figured that all over every platform players have been having this issue and I simply cannot believe that this has neither received any answer nor any solution by funcom support. The neglect is unbelievable. The game is not new anymore, it was released more than a year ago! How can you not even have looked into this? People have been paying a LOT OF money for this game, depending on the edition, and this bug makes it IMPOSSIBLE to play.

This is absolutely infuriating. Not only is the bug itself frustrating, but to think that this issue has not received any attention to this day (first posts I can see are from August last year! That’s more than 9 months!) is ridiculous for any company.

This is even more sad, seeing that this game is otherwise a lot of fun and even with its minor issues / bugs, it’s still a very solid game that has received a lot of love and attention to details. It has so much potential. I extremely enjoyed playing it.

For now, I’m sure not to buy any funcom games in the near future. I’m really sorry to be that customer, especially since I work in the cr field myself, but it’s the only consequence I can take. Really, really sorry, but this absolutely drives me nuts.

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