Can't Join Single player CO-OP

Game mode: Single-player-CO-OP
**Type of issue:Bug
Server type:

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After the June update,when I try to connect to my friend’s single player, stop lies in the screen of joining the game.
After a long time. Pending Connection Failure.
Cluld’t connect to server.Your connection to the host has been lost.
Can you tell me why I can’t join my friend’s single player CO-OP? my friend same can’t join my single player CO-OP too!

(my english is not well,sorry~)

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Join my friend’s Single player CO-OP
2.Join Game-Attempting to join game
3.wait very long time
4.Pending Connection Failture-Could not connect to server.Your connection to the host has been lost.

hi, I have the same problem … I don’t found a way to fix that… I hope Funcom will find a solution soon.

I have the same issue I used to be able to play with my friends now i cannot join them anymore

me too…

请求Conan Exiles开发商尽快解决这个问题!
——人工翻译(Human Translation)——
Indeed! I had wanted to play with my friend in this time, but we couldn’t took part in each other’s’ server in any ways, that we can find. We tried to use method which is using local area network for connecting, however, we failed. During this, it need spend a lot of time for loading. Finally appearing a loading picture, then prompt “Lose connecting with host”.
I hope developer of Conen Exiles can solve this problem as soon as possible!

Both of you go into your separate coop game. Then one of you invite the other accept stay ingame until you are pulled out. Has worked for my wife and I. Good luck.



Very clever workaround.

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yeah but for me it keeps saying that i have to be in the main menu in order to accept invites


I have to apologize my wife and I are on Ps4. There was another post with this issue for Ps4 and I answered the wrong one . Hope you get issue fixed.

Yes for Ps4. Didn’t catch he was on Pc.

dont worry i was just really confused

Hello @BingBo, could you please send us both yours and your friend’s log files through DM after trying to join each other’s sessions?

For more information on how to get them please refer to this post.

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hello, I share my log files and the log files of the person hosting the game that I try to join in vain. Hope it will help you to understand the problem.,,,

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My buddy and I have been experiencing the same issue ever since the update of June 16th. Never once did we have a problem before. We have been trying for weeks, waiting for the next patch fix, meanwhile using every last method we could think of to make single player CO-OP work again, to no avail. I can share our experiences, though it is otherwise identical.

We play on PC. They start their game, I attempt to join/accept invite to their game, and then I wait at the main menu to connect. Screen: “Join Game. Attempting to join game.”

Then minutes of waiting pass. A very long wait unlike our previous sessions before the update. By the end, there is a hopeful second of a loading screen, as though it will join. It does not. It takes me back to the main menu, displaying: “Pending Connection Failure. Could not connect to server. Your connection to the host has been lost.”

This happens each and every time. My friend is in their game, but I can’t join. We have reversed roles where I host mine, but the same connection failures occur for them. We have tried without mods, all new game files, and various methods of connecting: invite/join game from Steam, from the main menu Friend List session invite, attempts to join straight from desktop and from the main menu. I have even checked firewalls to be sure, even if that never gave us trouble before.

No luck playing together for a month now. The withdrawal hurts. :frowning:
I hope this can be corrected soon.

Hello @Carnival-Ghost, could you please forward yours and your friend’s logs to us, as requested in the post below:


Come on really? Before you create the funny funcom ID joining and inviting works for everyone fine!

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