Cannot join coop game mode after updated the new patch of 7th May 2020

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash/Bug ]
Region: [Malaysia]

After updated the new patch on 7th May, My girl friend was not able to join my coop game anymore.We have the same version of ps4"s firmware and game’s version and we have tried different methods also no luck included reinstalled the game, restart modem and router, delete the save data and clear the ps4 cache. She told me the game would pop up the message while she attempting join my game: Failed to join requested game. Then will be occur the blue screen error code. It does not happen before the patch so I can suspect it’s the buggy patch caused. Can your team look into it? This patch was so buggy and challenge my patience honestly.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Host the game in single or coop mode, activate coop
  2. Invite friends
  3. My girl friend press joined and attempting to join game but the system pop up a message: Failed to join requested game
  4. Sometimes it will occur error (CE-34878-0), but after reinstalled it seems occur less but still stuck in failed to join requested game. It has been 3 days since we updated.

Our information:
Game ID:Winter_Knightz
My girl friend game ID:LupiGaga

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Some thing my wife and I have done is invite player while in there single or co-op game it might be worthwhile trying @wingssheng

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Yeah. We were using this method since the first day we playing this game. I host the game in single or coop mode, activate coop then in the game I invite my girl from the option there which was work fine before update but not now anymore.

Sorry about that was my only idea. We have not played coop in quite a while. Do you play online. @Hugo could you help or move this to the proper thread

It will be Monday Oslo time before the team shows up. Good luck

Yeah, I still waiting they show up. I’m so upset on its joining coop mode problem…

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Hello @wingssheng, we have several hotfixes that will be released very soon and will address the most prominent issues with the latest patch, including the crashes.

We’ve taken note of your issue for the team to look into as well, thank you for the detailed report.

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