I can't join my friend's server when he's offline :(

My friend chose the “Single/Co-op” in the main menu and activated co-op. We have a fun time then. But when I wanted to play without him, I chose the exact options(Single/Co-op > Continue > Activate Co-op), instead of being in our base, I ended up in the first place when I joined in for the first time. I tried to continue with the “Single player” option but things were still the same. We played this game via Steam. Can someone help me with this? Thank you guys so much.

Unfortunately, if you guys want to be able to play when the other one is offline, you’ll have to set up a dedicated server and leave it running.

Activating co-op using the main menu simply takes the single-player game and makes it open to other players as long as the co-op session is running. You have your own single-player world on your machine and your friend has his. So when your friend activated co-op, he opened his single-player world to you. When you select the same options from the main menu, you’re opening your single-player world.


Can I create my own server?

I don’t actually know how to set up a server. There are other players on these forums who manage their own servers, maybe they’ll chime in. In the meantime, perhaps this topic can help:

One thing I can tell you for sure, if you want your server to have all the stuff you guys did when you played together, you’ll need to copy the game.db file (or DLC_Siptah.db if you were playing Isle of Siptah) from your friend’s computer and set your server to use that one.


That helps alots. Thank you so much. Have a nice day sir <3

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