How can I play singleplayer or co-op? [Title sounds weird come read the explanation]

Super short explanation

I’m looking for a free way of playing with friends using the mods we want, without them being teleported to me and resources / NPCs respawns when we walk away, and avoiding the need of hosting a dedicated server.

Hi Exiles!

This isn’t a “how to play” literal question. Here’s the thing: I want to play with friends, but I don’t know how, given the following:

  • Official Servers: we want to play with mods, so that’s a no.
  • Private Public Servers: finding one with the exact mods and settings we want is impossible.
  • Renting a Server: costs money. I’ve already done that a lot, but it’s too expensive for a casual co-op game. No.
  • Host our own Server: I really don’t want to open ports in my router just for that…
  • Co-op Mode: the world doesn’t load entirely but locally. I don’t like NPCs respawning when I die nor to lose legendaries because of that. Plus, I hate the need to be close to the rest of the players since, otherwise, they’ll get teleported to me. On top of that, I already have a lot of local worlds saved and it’s a bit complicated to control all of them and not to make a mistake when moving files to switch between them.

These are my only options as far as I know. So here’s my question: is there any other way of playing to avoid those things? Or maybe a way to configure the local game to load completely and ignore the host so no one tps to me?

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To play with mods with the entire world available and not tethered requires a server to be ran by someone. Either yourself, a friend, or a third party host.


You’ve outlined the available options I am aware of and ruled them each out for various reasons.

So, the only viable solution is to determine which of the negatives listed is the least disruptive and go with that option.

Play solo exclusively without friends
Play co-op with associated limitations
Host a server and open the ports
Rent a server and pay the fees
Join a private server and deal with those limitations
Join an official server and deal with the drawbacks there


While I can’t help with the main question, I can suggest that BUGLE would help with managing multiple local worlds (even makes it easy to store different modlists for each local world). It definitely made it easier for me to switch between saves :slight_smile:


Yeah, this here is the core dilemma. The answer to your question is that there isn’t free a way to play with your friends without either a tether or opening ports.


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