For single-player co-op, can we get rid of the tether? PS4/XB1

The max distance between the main Exile and invited guests is big enough to actually go PvP in co-op mode if you set each player as having their own clan. But that’s just for the chosen battlefield. If one player wanted build up north for instance, then the other player has to go with the player to do so. Removing the tether would allow co-op to go true PvP/PvE/PvE-C. I figure with the current 4-player limit on SP C-op this wouldn’t hurt traffic on official or private servers as those would be for big groups of players. This would allow for a small group of RL friends or fam/spouses to play together without having to go the official or private server route.

There’s also another benefit (and my own personal reason for this request): role-playing.

See, since we can make new exiles infinitely on console through PSN/XB accounts, instead of using said accounts just to make adversaries and factions for your main Exile to deal with and world build, you could play those Exiles out as well, allowing for SP to have multiple players all in the same save.

Want to play out a warlord up North or a pirate out east, separate from your desert-dweller? You could do so without needing to have the exile the game save is tied to in the general vicinity as you roam the map.

I currently play SP like above, with made up factions on multiple accounts to world build for my main and it’s great. I could do this for years. But if the tether was removed, it would allow for SP to play out extra exiles independent of each other. That would never get old.

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It would make coop a much better experience for sure. Could be console can not support it.

Consoles flat out wouldn’t be able to support it. It’s not a flip of a switch that you shut off either. Single Player is the way that it is for a reason (performance).

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I know it’s not a flip of a switch. I guess because I’m a console user for CE I’m supposed to be a programming luddite? What I was asking for I’m well aware it wouldn’t be easy to do.

That said, Ark already does it with two people, Dynasty Warriors 8E does it with four and Borderlands all have no tether for an example. If it had to be cut down to two to relieve stress on the game engine rendering and managing all of the various builds and such then I’d take it.

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