Tether Distance for single player on ps4

Hello everyone

I checked the settings of single player mode for tether distance but it’s no where to be found.

At April I heard that it was removed from the PlayStation ver of the game due to technical issues.

When tender distance will be re-added to the PS ver of the game?

Try “follower distance”

Will that gonna help an other player to move anywhere in my single player session?

I usually just set it to unfollow.

Maybe somebody else can answer the co-op mode for you.

@Kazalakis is speaking about coop with teammates. You cannot have great distance between players. He is asking this because he has beloved fellow gamers for years now, literally friends and the building limits on official servers are creating problems on their gaming joy. Yes, nothing new, they love to build and they do it beautifully, however limits exists. So they would love this "tender distance " mechanism to be removed on coop, so the one can build in jungle and the other in New Asgard. Now if they take a small distance between them the players are dragged to the host of the game. I would beg the @Community admins to push this report to devs for consideration, thank you. If however there is a way to remove tender distance from admin panel, it would be awesome.
What I suggested to our friend to a private conversation is to visit or rent a private server. Yet it would be awesome if coop didn’t have tender distance, anyway.
Thank you @Kazalakis for bringing this up, I never play coop so I couldn’t knew something like that :+1:t6:.

follower distance only applies to thralls and pets. Tether is friend. Even on pc version that had it it never worked and tether too short.


I believe that the whole reason for the tethering is consoles don’t have the power to let multiple players run around the map acting as a actual server.


I don’t think they will plus even if they did and you could make it max length they wouldn’t be able to move any where they wanted. ■■■■■■ set it up that way to practically force players to rent a server from G-portal.

This, It was pointed out a few times.

Do to amount of Info that needs go back and forth, and how Consoles “reset” everything instantly past certain distance. Just does not allow tether to be as good as lesser games like Minecraft etc.

PC has a tether Distance in Setting, its missing on ps4. (can’t speak for xbox, don’t own that version)

I’m pretty sure… they could rework it. So Invited player has less impact. (so more a helper) I think some people do deal with it. I use to use co-op alot.
Getting a Server during a sale is handy option.

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I do believe that this is the best option too. If you love to build a lot and you want to play with friends, renting a server for 10 persons is your best option. Especially on Siptah that it doesn’t have teleport, the admin teleport can save you from hundreds of galloping hours :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

they tether in coop on pc too so that statement is untrue

Yes but not many games have a tether, I co-oped ark survival xbox no tether as far as I saw but then their tether could just be very long.

Like I mention, about How CE handles the info going back and forth, is just alot of info and how the game uses it.

Ark does it abit differently, like minecraft (same as spilt screen) Just handle a different way.

I couldn’t find the thread, it was roughly explained, they’d have rework how they do it. There higher things on list for them to do sadly. =(

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But why the PlayStation version of Ark survival evolved has the Tether distance available to it’s Single player mode while it’s removed here on Conan exiles?

So this is the technical issue from the rumors I heard that got the Tether distance removed from the PlayStation version?

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I think so. Hadn’t played cooperative in such a long time didn’t realize it had been removed. @Community could you please give us a short explanation it would be appreciated very much and would end speculation. Thanks in advance.

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Not rumor, It just was never there for ps4.
PC has alot of extra stuff in Settings, and better sliders.

Different games handle the data there own way, and CE was just not able to do it with its current set up.

I wish I could find post, could have been during one of Q&A livestreams, Alex or Ignais touched on it,
I know Jens did aswell.
I myself was asking for a way to change it, or make it better for a very long time. And it wasn’t even a uphill battle… pretty much a Pit full of laser sharks and crocs, whit lava spit and droll…

Then one day Gportal or w/e had 50% sale on a year server. and took a shot on being my own admin instead of lurking on other peoples. XD
My urge to keep fighting for better tether kinda feel in pit with crocs and sharks who did lava stuff.

Make a Suggestion for it. =3


My dear @Sera67, thank you very much for this reply. Your contribution in this post is much appreciated from me. I never really played enough coop than creating training grounds for my old pvp clan. So I never really payed attention to this tender distance issue until @Kazalakis brought it up in a conversation we had. So I suggest him to bring it up here for discussion, because it is an issue for players who love the single player mode. You have to know that maybe I am a veteran of this game but @Kazalakis own the Atlantean sword recipe like @sestus2009. He have bought this game from the very beginning too, he was just really in love with destiny and kept him away all this time. He is an awesome person and really good player too. I am really happy we have him in our family now.
And again, thank you @Sera67 :+1:t6:

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Even On pc if you raised the distance to max it did nothing. I know I tried that many time. I play on ps4 when I am having a bad day with my balance (meaning I am a risk for falling) Or just when I wanna get off my pc. My boyfriend and I didn’t have any change in co-op on pc despite the slider to make tether shorter or longer.

I always felt they did that to force players to pay for a server. I can’t play with my boyfriend on public server as there’s a ping limit and He is Australian and I am American. I can’t host server that got broken for me. I can build a pc blind folder but software is where I am like a derp with.

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