Removal of Tethar?

This is just a suggestion and I totally understand if people are against me but at the same time, I just wish to put my view into this. I and my friend got the game to play together but also do our own this and when we started to go our separate way then it finally hit mainly me “too far from the host.” Let’s just say I was not at all happy to discover this I put away the game for a good week and then decided to deal with it but now My friend had decided to move base more than a couple of times and I can not stay at the one I had made. Ok that is fine now I want to move base but he does not. Well ok simply the tether is in the way and it is so annoying because I wish to be in the same “game” or “server” etc, but I do not want to be I guess hand held by my friend the entire time. I understand that if this is removed it could cause some issues with the consoles crashes and partially malfunctions and possible memory issues but at the same time if you official servers can handle hundreds of people coming in and then people all over going in and out, then why can you not have two friends go two different ways and still keep going. Anyways this is just a suggestion I understand that sometimes these things do not get through or simply people do not want this change but to me who just wants to hang with A friend this would be great.

It is a technical issue of overloading computer running your coop game: it currently handles only one location at a time for all the coop players in order to spend less system resources. If your hardware is good enough you can start a CE server on it then it will create a separate location for every player.

If you make urself admin there should be a tether setting. boost it all the way up and it allows you to cover 3/4 of the map. Be warned though if you are hosting and your pc isnt up to par it will be a poor experience for u. Tether is there so that way content out of render distance isnt loaded. When you increase it you cause more to load on the host which will eat ur ram up sooo freaking quick. good luck. if you do this on console expect a crash

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