Tethering, please, remove it?

I get that it’s required due to console limitations, but I didn’t buy this game for a console and I know for a fact I can run a server while also playing the game simultaneously on the same machine with my friends. I’ve done it. It’s just a convoluted mess to try and bring up a server. Please uncap the tethering option, even the option to deactivate it entirely, please.

What is tethering?

It binds other players to you. They can only go a certain distance away from the host before it won’t allow them to go any further. If the host moves too far, it’ll drag them!

There are config files to adjust the max tethering distance, but configuring it there doesn’t seem to do anything. It still shows a max of 52k in-game.

This is only relevant in co-op games. It doesn’t exist on dedicated servers.

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I play on console. I dont know about console limitations but this is honestly my biggest problem with this game as my wife and I play together on our PS4’s. It would be nice if it was a system like 7 days to die where you can split up and go wherever. Just saying. Love the game though. And so far it is better than 7 days to die (one of our favorite “co op” games) in every aspect other than the tethering. If it could be fixed that would be amazing.

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