Playstation Tether

Is there a way to increase Tether on playstation without causing issues? I’m in a couple different Co-op games and it’s pretty noticeable when the host is terrified of The Purge and I wanna check out and make a place on that tan spot on the map (i know it’s the Sahara, i’m there solo), or literally anywhere else.

I’m not even asking for a massive increase to range if it would cause problems, I just want to go farther. Heck, having a visual of the Tether dome range would be handy.
This last is more an idea than a question though.


I haven’t seen an option to increase the tether, this could possibly be due to some limitations of the PS running as both the server and the client at the same time.

Now, the having a visual queue on the map for the distance would be nice to have, this is a great suggestion.


Yes tethering is like being a thrall drug to wheel of pain. Have not heard of way to change on Ps4.


From what I read in other threads, Its way Consoles handle all info. CE isn’t really set up to allow it to be much different.

Alrighty. Worth a shot, short of apparently renting a server.:unamused:
Which is apparently super cheap, but meh, still.

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There are lots of good private servers out there if you do a little digging. It’s an alternative to renting your own that will still allow you play together without being literally stuck to one another

I know some people just don’t want to play online at all, so I understand that it might not be for you


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