Can you increase PS4 Tether

A friend and I have been really getting into this game but the tether is killing it for us, renting a server isn’t gonna happen for a few more months in our part. I’ve read that the developers added a tether increase option but I’ve never seen it in the admin controls on ps4? Is it PC only that can change the tether options? Or am I missing something?

What? I just want an answer

Sorry I wrote a reply but then realised I might be wrong so removed it … others reading your question will have more experience with co-op games than me

I havnt seen a option to change it.

BUT some of options do exist, but since keyboard support doesn’t work, (~ tilde key) we can not access many of options. (as staff have noted commands keys to type, but didnt know consoles lack the option) there looking into it.

I suggest low pop PVE server till you can rent one.