Remove Player Distance Limitations

As said in title. I play with friends with one of us hosting. I don’t understand the point of this distance limitation and why we can’t just play like how the game considers each individual player separate on public servers. Yes, we’ve tried playing on public servers before but we prefer having our server private and not really sure how to set one up, obviously. Sometimes life happens and the host has to AFK, but the other players have to suffer by staying within a certain radius instead of being able to have their own adventures. Been enjoying the game so far and don’t care about the tiny bugs and glitches, but this topic is the one that disrupts and annoys me most.

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in single player and co-op mode, the host runs the client and the server at the same time, which is already a high load for the host. with tethering, the loaded map parts on the server are the same for all players. without tethering, the server has to load and process all map parts a player is currently in. if every player is in a different part of the map, the game becomes unplayable very quickly, for all players.


It’s a limitation of CO-OP for reasons of performance.

Over the last few years there have been many long debates about it, but the TLDR; reason is that it increases the amount that the host has to render and a lot of platforms can’t handle it. Sucks, but there it is…

Edit - @Testerle beat me to it with a better explanation :smiley:

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You can rent a 10 slot server 30 days for 14 dollars. Split it up between friends and it is cheaper than your snacks while you’re playing. My wife and I have had one for 3 years it’s been fun. Gportal is only choice for consoles @R14ndom


This might help you setting up a dedicated sever, instead of using co-op

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exactly I used to play like that, fair warning, you need decent PC to handle both server and client

I believe op is on ps4


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