Can I shut of the tether on CO-OP?

I play on single player and host the game for my wife and 2 kids. Its hard to be tethered at times and I adjusted it to max distance… but can it be shut off? And why is it even in the game lol.

I don’t think it can be shut off, no. There is a reason for it being there…something about rendering for each player or something.

To my understanding it can not be turned off. Console would not have enough power to keep up with multiple players with out the tethering. It drives me nuts pretty much stay out of coop accept with my wife and then not often. I rather play on my server or another private server . At least if you are hosting they have to follow you. Good luck.

While it’s not possible to shut off the tether, It is possible to host your own server on a local machine.
there are threads on this forum explaining how to do this.

You could then copy your game.db to the host system and everyone’s progress will still be there but you will no longer be tethered.

I personally use this set up I have a computer acting as host while I and my family can log in and play.

For technical reasons it can not. The only solution for this is to have a dedicated server. It has to do with server relevancy for each player. Long story short, while hosting you are a “listen server”, you play and host at the same time and it has its limitations, to put it in a way; everything revolves around you. A “dedicated server” can handle relevancy for each player independently as it is much more efficient since its not running the whole game at the same time.

Try the Dedicated Server Launcher solution provided on this forums. Its very easy to administrate and it only requires to forward some ports to the hosting computer on the home router. Plenty of tutorials on how to do this online.

The way I understand it, in co-op, your PC acts like a small server. But it doesnt render the game outside of your immediate area. Hence the tethering.

If you want true single player experience where your family can play without tethering, you need to rent a server from a company like g-portal. Or you can get another PC and setup a Conan server on it. Here is a good link on how to do it.

Question are you playing on ps4 PC or Xbox? That might help lead the conclusion. I just assumed Ps4. @Ravenfrost95

I am playing on PC. I had thought about renting a server to play on… but already put over 500 hrs in to this game and did not want to restart it lol. The tethering is only an issue when my 2 girls play… when it just my wife and I, it is never an issue. Thanks for all the info and help.

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If your computer is powerful enough you can create a virtual machine to host the game, that is basically what hosting services use. No real need for another computer.


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