Local coop - Distance between players

Me and my wife, we play local game coop saved on my PC (no server).

In this mode, there’s a maximum distance we can be each others. Otherwise it tells her “Too far from host”.
In past we also did it with another friend of mine for a while, on his PC.

The fact is that in 2 persons (me and wife) the distance is very shorten than in 3 persons (me, wife & friend).
There’s a way to set max allowed distance and make it a bit more far?

Often we cannot reach our buildings place from a side to another and it’s very uncomfortable.

Thank you for suggestions.

At this time, no, the max that you can set it up currently is as far as it goes. It has to do with how much your PC is handling the world as far as rendering it. Single Player/co-op only renders parts of the map at a time, where as a dedicated server is rendering the whole map all the time.

If you are capable and willing to put in the time, you could host a private server from an extra computer in the house, or off your same machine that only you and your wife could join. By doing this, then you would remove tethering all together . Be warned that hosting it off the same machine that you play on could impact the performance, but might be worth trying if it’s your only option.

So seems for me and my wife is so short because I also use my gaming PC for streaming…

Eeep, ya your computer is already working hard to stream, let alone host a full blown server.

Ideally then what you want is an extra computer in the house if possible to host the server off of (again if it’s something that you can manage yourself software wise, I know that not everyone has the computer background to do such things).

Or if worse comes to absolute shove, you can always rent a server for you and your wife for however long you play. I don’t know all the server providers off hand, but Survival Servers has been cheap and good hardware in the past. Then, once you are done or are ready to take a break and are looking to cancel your server, you can transfer your saved data off the server to be used another time. You can of course, also transfer your current saved data to the server too.

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