Can not move out of range from host on co-op

Dear developers of the game “Conan exiles”, first of all thank you VSM bolschoe for your hard work and for such an interesting game that is addictive. Please help me figure out the following situation: my friend and I have created a cooperative (cooperative) game mode, but we can’t split into different tasks, and investigate, and extract resources due to the limited distance of the player from the Creator of the host. Please tell me, is it possible to remove this restriction (binding to the game Creator/map Creator) or expand it?

I think the game is simply hosted on your computer, not on a server. The game limits the rendering range around only the host so it doesn’t have to render in twice as much textures in the environment.
I don’t know if there is a mod solution to this, but I know you can experiment with some settings to increase the range a little…

I would recommend finding an almost inactive official server online with good ping, that you and your friend can play on with almost no concern for enemy players.

Others will hopefully come with other solutions that I can’t think of right now.

It’s not possible to remove this restriction, you can only increase the distance a bit in the server settings with the “Tethering Distance”.
The only way to play without that is using an official server or hosting your own by either renting a server or using your own PC to run the dedicated server software, though that requires lots of resources.


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