Is it possible to set full distance for a coop map?

Hi everybody!

Today I’ve started playing a coop map with a friend, but there is a problem: We can’t move away from each other for long distances.

It’s not practical, because sometimes we want to split up the group to collect different materials. We found on the menu an option to increase some extra distance, but the problem wasn’t solved. I want to play without an invisible wall blocking my path, and we know how to communicate to keep the characters safe.

Please, help!


I wasn’t even aware that you couldn’t separate in Coop mode. I concur that you certainly should be able to go to the opposite ends of the map to gather resources…


Thank you! Does the developers use to answer at the forum?

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The problem is that the game is designed for a server architecture. It is expecting to run on a server and have everyone connect through a client.

Since coop does not do this,the game imposes limits to prevent the main computer from having fits. I have never heard of a mod that removes this limit.

Your best option would be to use a separate machine to host a private server and connect via a LAN.


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