Can you please remove the network requirement for single players!

Can you guys remove the network requirement for single players,and please remove the distance limit for coop.


They probably could remove the connection requirement, but with the Funcom Live Services in operation, I assume they choose not to.

The distance limit for co-op exists because regular consumer computers can’t necessarily handle the strain of keeping two “instances” of the game running actively at the same time, but if you have the hardware to run it, you can set up a private server on your desktop PC.


1000% this. It’s really aggravating that whenever Steam or Funcom fails we can’t even play the game single player offline.

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I know the problem,but they can at least let us players to choose.If you have a strong computer,you can choose to unlock the distance-limit,some games like the ARK and 7days to die,they can make it work properly.
Hope Funcom can make players decide more.

Like I said, the choice exists - instead of Co-op mode, host a dedicated server on your home PC.

I like mordlun

This still requires that Steam and Funcom Live Services are both reachable and working.

Ah, my mistake. I didn’t realize you were playing Co-op locally, not across the Net. In the Covid days it has become kinda automatic to think that everyone is just connected to each other across the internet.

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