Why do I need to connect to Funcom to play offline now?!?!?!?!

Get rid of that nonsense at once and put it back like it was before!

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Were you able to play the game without any mod, offline? I heard this complaint before and some people argued that people only were able to play offline because of a mod, which is not FC’s responsibility (Which leads to a whole different discussion).

Unless I’ve really not been paying attention I’m pretty sure you always needed to be online to play, even in singleplayer

Certainly in the time I’ve been playing (singleplayer) I’ve never been able to play offline (even before the Funcom Live stuff was added) - I always had to be connected to Steam. (Of course, just because I couldn’t do it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t possible…)

Sorry, but it is not going to happen. Having a broadband internet connection has always been a requirement, it is listed on the store page. You can still use the offline mod by hades but you won’t have access to any of your DLCs.

Still, a bad and unnecessary requirement for playing offline and DLC.

I wonder
Are there really people without 24/7 internet in 2020?

Some people play in the meantime between something, in places where you don’t have internet for that moment.

Although understandable, that’s how the game works and it won’t change, so its up to said people to find a way :confused:

Is this a real question??

Anytime my area gets hit with a category 2 or higher storm. It knocks out internet and sometimes cellphone coverage. But the electrical grid is robust enough to withstand it (being on the east coast), or in some cases its restored long before internet or phones are.

Having access to some of our games offline (which steam does have an offline mode), would be greatly appreciated.

Another time would be when servicemembers are deployed overseas. I know when I was on a short deployment back in 2007, having access to Oblivion was a godsend. But that was with a physical disc, didn’t quite have online stuff yet. But why should we not have access in 2020 to our games just because we’re making sure everyone has access?


I agree.

Just for the records:
I play offline.
I never cared a single “f” about playing with others so I never looked for online gaming or multiplayer experience.
For me playing a videogame is like reading a book and so I wanna do it alone by myself without anyone “interfering” with my reading.

I’m not saying multiplaying is wrong and I do not want that this option si abolished, everyone should have the option to live a game experience as they want.
So these are simply my 2 cents: I play offline (wherever it’s possible).

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Ah I see, I did n’t know I live in an easy country :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t live in a city, internet connection is not that great. Even in the US. Live out in a rural area with satelite and you have a very slow connection at best.

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