Offline Play with DLC!

So, when is it coming? I’ve purchased practically all DLC for this game and I really like it. I’ve spent a lot of money on this game only because it was said from the beginning that this game will be playable offline. It still is not and never was on PC. I paid money that I earned and I expect service, and I’m not talking about Funcom Live…


I gotta agree. I really dislike when game companies require their products have an active internet connection to play solo… There is no reasonable logic to force a customer who may or may not have immediate internet access to login online before playing a SOLO experience.

I understand it’s probably meant as an anti-pirate measure, but when the customer is forced to pay the price for what a pirate may or may not do is where the logic breaks down and it becomes more of a corporate decision based in financial greed.

Some of us have unreliable internet where service could be down for days… Would be nice to be able to still play the game offline…


I have an idea for you Funcom, if you’re even reading this that is… How about you implement a kind of license manager for offline play. Add an option for that to the main menu. On activation it would check an encrypted license key file, one for each piece of DLC, each time a user starts an offline game. Use that instead of FLS when the game detects that Steam Online Services aren’t running when entering the main menu.

“In Soviet Union you might not be able to find a party…
But the Party can always find you”

Somebody wants to know what every player is doing.

and yet NO one wants this, but its forced on us.

Actually it was, you just had to jump through hoops to manage it.
I played off line quite often in 2017-2018 it’s how I used to test things I wanted to do on live servers to see if my theories were viable.

How it was done - you needed to put steam in off line mode, and the game was still playable.

You could even manually move the instillation out of steam and it was still playable, even if you uninstalled steam.

Some of my friends who were in the service and deployed, used this method.
It is for this reason I strongly urge Funcom and Tencent to implement a real off line mode.

On PC there is a MOD That still works at the time of this post, I use it all the time.

Still I agree whole heartedly the Game should be made playable off line by design.

edit: I also use this mod if we go to a “family property” that is rather remote and has no internet.
I have limited mobility so even in remote areas I need something to stave off boredom.

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Hmm interesting! I have seen it mentioned by a few players that there was actually a way to play offline before FLS without the need for mods but was always curious how xD

Unfortunately with FLS the mod still works however you can’t use the DLC :’( I considered using it so I could maybe avoid updates until the mods I use had a chance to update but saw that on the mod page from the modder about the DLC and was like RIP, still think it could be a fair trade off though =D

It isn’t a huge end all issue for me but I have seen alot of players not like it at all and it being a huge leave the game issue for them, so I can agree with this suggestion, definately :slight_smile:

I don’t have all the DLC’s
But I have season pass - 1 & 2

And they are available off line with the mod. as is the royal armour from the reward.

Oh shiii really!

Maybe they were talking about Siptah specifically, will have to check it out then :smiley:

Well that mod sucks, sure not playing on that server

Oh I think maybe you might have misunderstood Droch was saying if you already have the royal armour unlocked that if you use the offline singleplayer mod it should work with it because I had some concerns about DLC possibly not working with it due the wording on the mod page :slight_smile:

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I don’t have it on pc but I was curious but if you start the game and log into single player and hit the windows key and disconnected your pc from internet would you still have dlc active and able to use them

It would be a workaround but
If it works better than nothing right

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