Suggestion: get rid of funcom live services until it works please

Almost every time I go to play your game I’m c*ckblocked by “Funcom Live Services connecting” for minutes and then messages of it being down and to restart and general “blah blah” to the effect of me crying to you here about often not being able open the game and play it. WHAT IS FUNCOM LIVE SERVICES ASIDE FROM SOMETHING THAT PREVENTS ME FROM PLAYING? Why don’t you do something that works to allow players to open their game and play it? Could you put maybe an option to play offline as soon as the Funcom Live Services is about to attempt to connect, i.e. so we can play offline without having to connect to your permanently broken Funcom Live Services? We CAN play locally on our machines with our save games right? Why not enable that prior to Funcom Live Services pop-ups then? Anything to be able to play at least offline vanilla single player at the very least please?

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Have you tried to play without BattlEye. ?? Does it work. ?? I know you can’t get to official servers but if it’s not on it might help you get a private server or co-op game or something going.

This is just disastrously bad implemented.
Oddly, the “live service” turned in the code, while tencent took over the IP.
Implementing stuff to a game without further testing, or testing it at all (in this case, highly probably) is a very bad and incompetent thing you can do towards your playerbase.

I’ve just wondered, after not playing this game for 3 years, what actually happened to the modding base on steam’s workshop. 90% of the mods I used to use are dead, outdated for more than 2 years or literally saying “I don’t have time for this crap anymore because of Funcom”.

Now I understand, why they were upset this much.
Starting the game: Logging In, Connecting to Funcom Live Services
Continue: Logging In, Connecting to Funcom Live Services
Singleplayer - New Game: Logging In, Connecting to Funcom Live Services
Play Online: Logging In, Connecting to Funcom Live Services

in which all will fail to do so in what they shouldn’t. I can’t play the game anymore after the very first re-creating my character in an OFFLINE GAMEMODE - the login fail will completely deny my access to my singleplayer mode.
I am used that chinese are literally rage shopping the entire world, but this nonsense addition to a game where the company seems to have no idea and clue about how to get some gross income generation is way beyond stupidity.

BTW. Changing BattlEye or VAC to either enabled, disabled or mixed up won’t do anything regarding this issue. It is a purely tencent-funcom based problem. Get rid of the live service, which no one asked for!

Ok, screw it. I can’t even access my Settings-Menu anymore, since it tries to connect to the live services … like wtf Funcom/Tencent? Glad that there are older versions on the web. I’ll gladly “pirate” a legally bought game, without a revision being made by a soldout company which literally made it unplayable. Farewell and that our ways will never cross again.

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Well I have been doing it that way since the 16th of June so it does work. The only problem with the way I do it is you can not play on the officials. I have my own private server with Battleye turned off so if I play without it on I can get to my server but no others. I agree with the rest of what you said.

At least give option to play completely offline when doing solo. I don’t want to be forced to update.

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