Funcom Live Services Broke Offline / Singleplayer Mode - Game Unplayable

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug/Infinite Loop - Game Unplayable

Today’s update completely broke offline/singleplayer and the game cannot be played if it is unable to connect to Funcom Live Services.

Anytime you hit any option on the main menu, the game will try to connect to Funcom Live Services, fail to connect, then displays a message stating that you can still play offline. This is not the case, because the game is stuck in a loop trying to connect to Funcom Live Services every time you click a button on the main menu, including the Singleplayer/CO-OP Continue button.

Edit: Just another note, you also cannot play this game if Steam is offline. This is a huge issue for me since I live in a rural area and have limited internet availability. If you start the game when Steam is in offline mode, then it just tells you that it failed to login and to restart the game anytime you click on the menu. Singleplayer mode should absolutely work whether you are online or offline and it should not require a connection to the Funcom Live Services ever.


Same problem here.
Can’t play online.
Can’t play offline.

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Same problem:)

I am also having this issue.

The game tries to connect to “Funcom Live” services, fails to connect, then tells you you can still play offline… … … as it tries and fails to connect to the live service… then tells you you can still play offline!

IDK what the hell you guys did to this game, but you have 24 hours before I get Steam involved as you are offically breaking their TOS for developers.

I have been playing this game since Beta… but yall screwed the pooch on this.

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This is starting to look more like Breach of Contract than a video game not working… This could get expensive funcom

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Same problem, where can we find the status of their login server so we know when we can try again safely without sitting through their unoptimized startup?


I don’t understand. Please explain.

Totally agree with you and snapdragonslair, the worst thing is that it tells you that you can play offline, but it is not yes, it is a lie.

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@bbtech I’m not sure where FUNCOM is located but I am aware of international and national (USA) trade laws that explain in great detail the way commerce should and is to be conducted(CONTRACT). When an entity takes money for a product or service they are obligated, to the best of their abilities, to provide reasonably uninterrupted access to said “products or services” as well as to mitigate damages if they (FUNCOM) are unable to fulfill its obligation (BREECH OF). So in short “breech of contract” is what the class action lawsuit counselors will say when FUNCOM gets their ■■■■■ sued off for basically “stealing” people’s money.

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In Steam’s TOS for game devs they are explicitly forbidden to limit access to your ability to play a game offline or single-player if they were included gameplay modes when you bought the game.

By disallowing people access to single-player and offline mode, they are breaching the contract they have with Steam.


What is the point of Funcom Live Services? The game (while it had it’s issues) was at least playable BEFORE this stupid FLS.

When Steam was in offline mode, you could use a mod to play singleplayer, or maybe I should say I used a mod to play singleplayer. After this update, apparently not even that works. For consoles, I think playing offline is a built in feature?

That’s possible. I can’t say for sure without knowing more.

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