Funcom Live Dis-Service

Game mode: Main Menu
Type of issue: Funcom Live Service
Server type: Main Menu
Region: [ my computer ]
Mods?: Yes | irrelevant issue is at main menu
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

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Funcom live service fails to allow the player to play the game

Installed Mods:

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Irrelevant as unable to connect to any server

Steps to Reproduce:

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  1. Step 1 launch with launcher
  2. Step 2 watch as game fails to connect to function live service
  3. Step 3 retry, fail. reboot, retry, fail.
  4. search for solution, see it is an ongoing issue since inflicted on users with an resolution of ‘it isn’t our fault that we rely on third party services that don’t always work’
  5. post this bug report in the vain hope that it will be the straw that encourages the ‘service’ removal since it blocks users from playing.
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Hi @IPL_Victim

Are you still experiencing this issue?

In the meantime, we’ve passed this over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

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Thank you for the reply Dana. I was eventually able to log in a few hours later.

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Hi @Dana !
Probably connected to this problem, so I don’t open a new thread for now, but:

In singleplayer mode, if I set steam offline (and changed nothing else), then start the game, I can not play because CE says: ‘Failed to login.’ I know, I did not even want to login anywhere, that’s the point of offline, but still. It is present for 3 days, before that, everything worked fine.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
You should be able to close that message and start a single player mode game with no issues.

Is that the case for you or are you unable to go pass that message?

Yepp, at start when the main menu appears, the message appears too. I close it, click to play and the message pops up again.
Will make screenshots if you want to (when I go home from work :laughing: )

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Well, well, who would’ve guessed…
It is possible to play in offline mode now somehow :thinking:
When I could not play in offline mode, the DLCs I do not own were shown in the main screen, now they are gone too.

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