Why i can't play offline single player any more?

why i can’t play offline single player any more? why funcom remove it?

You’ll have to provide more information than that. As far as I know, it’s perfectly possible to play offline single player on PC, if you follow the right steps to prepare the game for it. However, you provided no info about what’s happening to you at all.

Are you playing on PC or console? If you’re playing on PC, are you using Steam, Game Pass, or Epic? What are the actual symptoms, i.e. what do you do to play offline and what happens when you try?

PS: Just wanna make it clear that I don’t work for or with Funcom. I’m just another player, trying to help.


No-Internet connection.

problem: failed to login Funcom Services…

there’s somehow to avoid that? i have maps on my PC i can’t play without internet. IDK why funcom crash true offline players with FuncomServices… exist a way to “turn off” funcomLiveService check?

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You need to start the game with Internet connection once, and it will log you into Funcom Live Services (FLS) and cache your credentials in your Game.ini file.

After that, if you want to play offline, you can, but you must have Steam running in offline mode. If you don’t have Steam running, the game won’t work. The game uses your Steam account ID to look up your cached FLS ID from the Game.ini file and then match that to your character in your local game database.


testing now… aaaaaaannnnnd… work it. Thanks!!!

i’ll remmeber this for game.ini and FLS


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