So, single player requiring connection still hasn't been fixed?

I heard that around 1 year ago, Funcom forced Internet connection to play Singleplayer. Any idea when Funcom will reverse that? Its probably the shittest idea for a singleplayer mode. And hell, its total train wreck when you dont have net and you want to play the game

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It’s always required internet connection. Yes, really.

They moved to FLS and made the internet requirement more obvious, but otherwise, it’s still the same as it was in 2017.


There should be a mod for that really. For SP-only players like me and many others.
Usually I don’t mind requiring it, but when my internet connection is broken (because a single windblow or a single raindrop can f**k up the internet) and I can’t play the game is frustrating (not only this game but all of the modern games).
As a bonus: that dreammod should disable the 10s respawn timer. It’s unneccessary in SP. Instead of that the panel just shows up without timer and you have to choose where do you want to respawn and immediately reloads the game.

I don’t like the idea of requiring online connection either if all I want is to play Single-Player, but like Multigun said, it’s always been that way for PC players. Many players just never realized it until Funcom activated their Live Services.

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No, actually it required steam, and steam didn’t need to be online.

You may have guessed I’m rather a reclusive sort.
In the early days if I was just playing single player, I would put steam in off line mode and play Conan Exiles without internet.

Friends in the military also used this method while deployed to areas with unreliable internet.

So it was simply a matter of taking steam off line, and the game would still load and play.

edit: I suspect Tencent has something to do with Funcom live services. So playing without internet is likely to never be restored.


Uh, no, That wouldn’t work. Last time I tested it was in 2018. It would NOT load Single Player without internet. I wasn’t the only person testing it either. I work with the mod author who made the offline mod (hades).

So either he is stupid and made the offline mod for no reason (he didn’t, there is a reason he first made the mod in 2017), or you are misremembering.

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Yet on xbox singleplayer worked without issue.

I am telling you I did play Conan Exiles while steam was off line, and so did some of my friends.
You actually didn’t even need steam because the game only checked the folders.

I had a dual install the regular game in a false folder tree that imitated the steam folders.
And a testlive install in the real steam folders, so I didn’t need to reinstall testlive every time I wanted to switch.

I was keeping old builds of the game that I could still play off line, the last one was before the pre-launch combat update. I kept it because I didn’t like the change to archery. I would still have it if I hadn’t had a hard drive fail.

I don’t know why you couldn’t do it. but I’m telling you I DID.

I remember when the off line mode mod was released.
And I remember some people said they couldn’t play off line without the mod, But I never needed it.

@Barnes if you’re still around somewhere help me out. I think you remember when I did this.

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Xbox isn’t part of the discussion. That’s always had offline single player. Not PC, which from day 1 had a minimum system requirement right on the front page of the steam store page saying an internet connection was required.

If you say so, you do you. The only methods Im aware of, besides hades mod, are the not of the legal variety and that’s where I’m ending that discussion. Again, he didn’t make it just for funsies, or keep the mod around for no reason for that matter. He even pulled the mod for a few months when it was no longer working at the time (circa 2018) and there was absolutely zero way to get in without internet.

As for Funcoms stance on this, the only recent comment came from Joel Bylos on twitter saying they want to visit it at some point. And that’s about it. If it’s THAT big of a deal, either use hades offline mod, or just ensure you have internet long enough to load into your single player games then disconnect when you are loaded in, as it’s not actively needed (last I tested it).

I agree there is no point in further debate. We both know what we know and to continue would be moot, because what is past is past.

We can both agree that off line play is not possible at this time, even with the offline mod FLS still must connect.

I’m sorry I lost my temper, I never meant the Offline mod was never necessary.
Only that it was not always necessary. I remember the taking steam offline method did stop working,
I just don’t remember when it stopped. it’s possible the offline mod was created after.

I never did anything Illegal, I moved the game to a mock steam directory so I didn’t need to constantly download to switch between Test and Live. this had the side effect of the mock directory not updating.
That is how I had old builds, and as I said I kept the precombat update build, until I had hard drive problems.

@Multigun I apologize. I hope we can move past my ill temper.

Does the hades mod allow dlc? Or its pure base game?

I can answer this, DLC’s work regardless of mods.
You do need a connection to acknowledge you have the DLC, After that you have the DLC until you untick it from steam.

And I personally have tested Hades Offline mode with the DLCs I own, with no problems or issues.

What do you mean acknowledge? You mean buy the dlc, and boot the game so some dlc file in the game is updated you mean?

Yes, after that you can use Offline mode, or any other current mod, and you will still have access to the DLC.

OK thanks

It sounds like you might have still had your internet cable plugged in when playing offline, the game has always required an internet connection to play, even if you run steam offline and still have a working internet connection connected to your PC then the game would connect to the internet (at least in the past).

DLC is not supported when playing offline using my mod, the fact it works offline for you only adds to this thought.

regards, hades/EZee_AP

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Your mod was greatly apricated, and a connection was required at the time you created it.
I am taking about before that, in early 2017.

When did you write your mod?

It was published to the workshop “24 Jun, 2017 @ 2:14pm”, but it was actually developed around a month earlier then that, so an internet connection has been required since at least May 2017.

I started playing on the first day of early access January 2017

The game has changed so much since then,
I am starting to feel as if I have no place on these forums anymore nothing I “knew” about the game is still relevant.

I can verify that Single Player used to work in offline mode, because I can still do it.

I have a computer backup from around 1-2 years ago with an older version of Steam & Conan Exiles. I don’t let it update, and keep it locked behind the firewall.

I can start Steam in offline mode (involves a little finagling), and then start Conan Exiles in single-player mode from there.
It’s awesome having a pre-nerf version of the game that works whenever I want it to.