Not being able to play offline in single player mode

He paid for a product that requires me to be connected or have internet at all times, I would like to enjoy the game without the need to be connected, I don’t always have internet, I play on a laptop and I don’t always have internet in some places.
I would have preferred that they keep the DRM, since there was a mod that allowed me to play without internet.
Now nothing.
Thanks Funcom or Tencent.


Agreed, when I take my computer to my sisters house to watch her dogs I never had internet access on my computer. In one instance I thought maybe if I deleted my character I might be able to get it to work offline. That didn’t work. Sadly right after that I found out how to tether my phone to the computer to be able to play.

I understand why they do it this way. I just don’t like it.

Now it’s no longer an issue, but I also hate paying for a game that I own but can’t use if I’m not connected to the world. Then again I also hate that I can only have one character in single player without having to do crazy workarounds. (I have different characters in every Ark map) I have 8 different characters over various (sometimes duplicate maps) in 7 days to die.

I don’t play on anything but single player on any game. I love starting a game again. (it’s a weird flaw) I also hate going the Mod route.

They haven’t changed my issue, doubt they’ll fix yours.

I love this game though. Don’t take my reply as hate. (though tethering your smart phone is a solution. If you have one.)

Edit: I also don’t want to fiddle with any work arounds to have multiple characters in single player.

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Thanks to Steam, your required to be online. Its not Funcom.

Theres a mod i belive to fix the issue. (also, I think Steam has a way to turn it off)

Steam got an offline mode
Top left ->Steam- > Go offline…


restart or try again later.

I still can’t play offline.

It also tells me “You can play offline, but to play online you must restart” or something like that
It is a great nuisance.

Funcom,WT*?! Why do you just cut out the whole Single-player Content for me. All of the sudden i can’t play Offline Anymore,seriously ? It’s not what i paid for.I bought the Game because there’s an Single-player mode,i enjoy playing Single-player. Funcome are like “Yeah you know what,you paid for that game but we don’t care,we think you should not play in Offline,so yeah,we will just remove it,sh*t happens,wooops” . This is Insane!


Yes bro, it is crazy, there is no way to stop playing offline, the funniest thing is that it tells you “You can still play offline, but for online functions you will probably have to restart”. This happens when you have an error logging in.
And it’s a lie, it doesn’t let you play.

It’s not Steam. Years ago and certainly in beta, you could play offline. I certainly did. Still the same for some other games, EG Warframe I can still play if I have Steam in offline mode.

The Offline Mod used to allow single player games without being online but now that they’ve pushed Live Services this is no longer the case. You MUST be connected into order to have an offline single player game.

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Yeah, I’ve never been able to play Conan Exiles offline on PC either.

Okay, but what about this?
“You can still play offline, but for online functions you will probably have to restart”
This is a lie.
"You can still play offline… "
A lie.


B.S. you could play true offline SP by using the OFFICIAL Dedicated Server, You guys have BROKEN your own functionality, by adding this Funcom Services nonsense.

I have appealed to Steam for a refund and will actively protest Conan Exiles after the new patch unless rectified.

Good luck. Considering that the game’s Minimum System Requirements lists “Broadband Internet connection” on the Steam Store page, the inability to play offline is unlikely to be considered a product flaw.

You have the right to dislike the requirement for online. I’m not a fan either. But I did read the system requirements before buying the game so I knew what I was getting into.

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